Foodbank launches fund-raiser for eco bags

23rd May 2021

Worcester Foodbank is hoping to pack a punch in the war on plastic waste by moving towards the use of eco-friendly paper bags at our warehouse.
The move to phase out the use of plastic bags is part of our commitment to help Worcester become carbon neutral and care for the environment as well as the people we feed.
That’s why we need your help in the coming months as we bid to purchase recyclable paper bags to pack the thousands of food parcels we distribute to people in crisis every year.
They will be sourced from a specialist supplier who provides bags that are biodegradable and recyclable while remaining strong, tear resistant and water resistant too.
While we will happily continue to accept donations of used ‘bags for life’ which would otherwise be binned, our aim is to reduce their use in the coming months.
We expect the change over to be gradual, but we have calculated we would need around £15,000 a year to fund a complete switch over to paper bags.

If you’d like to support our move towards eco-friendly paper bags you can leave a donation via our Virgin Giving page

Any surplus funds that are generated will be used toward the purchase of food items for our clients.

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